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5 Reasons Why You Need a Pastrymade Rolling Pin

5 Reasons Why You Need
a Pastrymade Rolling Pin

No fuss and clean with ease

100% engraved cookies

Helpful Baking Community

Unforgettable Baking Journey


1. Turn Baking into an Art

With a Pastrymade rolling pin, you're not just rolling dough, you're creating a masterpiece. The embossed patterns add a touch of elegance and fun to your pastries.

2. Easy to Use, Stunning Results

One of the best things about Pastrymade rolling pins is how easy they are to use.
Just roll out your dough with one of these pins (100+ Designs), and voila ‚Äď you've got yourself a batch of eye-catching treats.

3.  Inspires Creativity in the Kitchen

Bored of the same old recipes? A Pastrymade embossed rolling pin can spark new life into your baking.

4. The Ultimate Boredom buster

So, if you find yourself aimlessly scrolling on your phone or searching for something to fill your boredom, it's time to try Pastrymade rolling pins.

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5. Brings the Whole Family Together

There's nothing quite like a sweet treat to draw the kids into the kitchen for a new activity. Pastrymade rolling pins do just that, helping your little ones gather around for a wholesome, engaging activity.

14000+ 5 Star Reviews


Support Ukraine

Awesome product, take a basic sugar cookie to extreme new levels and thats just the start of what you can create!! FAB company, great customer service and FAST shipping from Poland to Colorado! I‚Äôm on 9 pins and counting‚Ķ.Plus I love being able to support those working to support suffering Ukrainians! ūüíē

Susan C.

Beginner Baker from USA


Great for Beginners

I am very pleased with this purchase. I've found it to be a little tricky to work with, so it will take some practice. It seemed to work better with thinner rather than thicker cookies. I made christmas calendar cookies. So pretty. I will try different recipes in the future.

Monica M.

Beginner Baker from USA


Impressive Cookies

Have you seen how cute these cookies decorated with a rolling pin? A few days ago I bought some decorative rolling pins from the company @pastrymade, responding to the request to support their project, through a purchase to help the Ukrainians who have arrived in Poland.

Helen F.

Beginner Baker from Australia

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