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Which Dog Rolling Pin Suits You?

Which Dog Rolling Pin Suits You? - Pastrymade US

As the hugely popular saying goes "A dog is a man's (or a woman) best friend." They are loyal, lovable and fun to be with. All adorable fur buddies with different distinct traits. Do you want to know which type of dog suits you? 

Here¬†is the list with their rolling pin counterpart on their names! ūüź∂


  • They are active, affectionate and gentle little ones
  • The Pembroke Welsh Corgis are known to be active while their counterpart which is the Cardigan breed is a little laid-back and chill dogs.
  • Extremely bright dogs with quick intelligence


  • Always known as dogs with elegance
  • They enjoy learning and keep their mind active with fun-loving activities
  • Highly trainable breed with high desire to please their fur dad and mom

French Bulldog / English Bulldog

  • A symbol for pluck and determination
  • Fine example of kind, resolute and courageous dog
  • Despite their stubborn nature they have strong bonds with children

Basset Hound

  • Basset¬†is a scent hound, who have an excellent sense of smell¬†
  • They may look sad because of their features but they are very charming dogs
  • They are known to be extremely vocal and stubborn

English Toy Terrier / Bull Terrier / White Terrier

  • An affectionate and friendly companion
  • They enjoy exercise as much as they love cuddles
  • Lovable, intelligent and very loud buddies


  • They are one of the breed with a great sense of smell
  • Known as chill dogs - not aggressive nor timid
  • They get along well with other dogs, they love to be together with their friends


  • They are known as intelligent dogs with independent spirit
  • A loyal companion with a huge amount of love for children
  • With they natural alertness, they are careful with strangers


  • One of the most smartest and elegant companion
  • They are a natural and focused athletes
  • The Border Collie breed is known to display some compulsive or anxious tendencies.


  • An extremely affectionate and intelligent companion but can be mischevious
  • They craved for the owner's attention and live to please
  • They have the love for sleep


  • A companion with unusual intelligence and high spirited
  • Always playful and curious
  • They generally would much prefer the company of humans to other canines.


  • An elegant and demanding hunting companion
  • Practices a strong leadership and loves a lot of exercise
  • ¬†They are versatile dogs who enjoy walking, jogging, hiking and accompanying you on bike rides.


  • They possess such endearing traits - intelligence and excellent family companion
  • Has the reputation of being one of the most sweet-natured breeds
  • They are also famous for being clumsy

Now, have you decided which adorable fur buddies fit yours? Check all of our Dog Pin Collection here. 

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