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War in UKRAINE 💛💙🙏.

War in UKRAINE 💛💙🙏.


▼We have big updates in the end of this message

(Important: this picture take it in Christmas-2021)

Pastrymade is a Poland-based business. Within 24 hours, many Ukrainian travels to Poland border for safety. In our workshop, we have 5 Ukrainian friends and workers.

We have Mira and her brother. They worked with us for 3 years but they need to separate. Mira gets her family from Ukraine while her brother needs to go back to Ukraine to defend his country. It breaks our heart 💔 to see them be separated and we hope for his safety.
We would like to help Ukrainian friends as much as we can and I thought that as the Pastrymade owner, I can help them with my business.
I can help them by hiring them with our workshop, and  give them chance to work and living normal life.
I know it may not be a lot but this can assist them with food and other needs.
We allocate a part of the sale to financial aid, as well as donate food, clothes or  hygiene kit.

Our work depends on you, our lovely customers. We can do more if we got orders from our business. I am aiming to hire more people as Ukraine is close to my heart 💛💙

50% of the sales used for food assistance, medicines supplies, hygiene kits, etc.

Sharing our photo with the groceries!

Pastrymade Team make sandwiches and drinks for our Ukrainian neighbors EVERY DAY from 01 March with your support 🙏💙💛.


Make an order to HELP our Ukrainian friends.

We offer automatically to our lovely customers for their support to our goal, Free BOOK of Baking RECIPES (made by Karolina) when you purchase 2 pins or more 🇺🇦🙏!

"This is apart from our continuous goal to hire more Ukrainian friends within our community and our ongoing assistance too 💛💙."


"Until 07.06.2022, we hire Natalia, Maria and Julia from Ukraine💛💙, and we have given a warm accommodation for over 100 Ukrainians"

As requested by our supporters and customers, We have decided to create a (LIMITED EDITION) Sunflower 🌻 Design pin with crafted handles "Stand With UKRAINE".

"We hope and believe that peace will flourish like a Sunflower🌻."

Make an order to HELP our Ukrainian friends.



UPDATE - 13 Feb 2023 📣📣: Thank you, Judith and her group of lovely ladies from her church in NSW, Australia ❤️. We appreciate it, especially during this winter.

UPDATE - 17 Dec 2022 📣📣: Today, we have given a warm accommodation for over 50 Ukrainians, and doing our best to assist them.

Thank you so much for helping Ukrainian people in their hour of need. 💙💛

 UPDATE - 25 May 2022 📣📣: It warms our heart to let everyone know that with your huge support, we are able to provide help and assistance to Mira’s brother who is currently at the Frontlines and protecting Ukraine 🇺🇦.

We are able to get the needed medical supplies and aid for the squad of Mira’s brother.

With your help in placing an order with the Stand with Ukraine pins and other pins, we are able to do so much for the Ukraine community 

Make an order to HELP our Ukrainian friends.

UPDATE - 10 May 2022 📣📣: Today, we are thankful to update you that we are able to hire more Ukrainian friends in our workshop.

After Natalia and Maria, We are happy to welcome Julia 🤗 to our Pastrymade family 🇺🇦❤️.

Thank you for your support🙏, as we can continue with our action and also provide help and jobs within our Ukrainian community. 

UPDATE - 28 April 2022 📣📣: Thank you so much to our lovely customer, Kathryn and to all the children within her community from UK!

We have received her package with cuddly toys and personalized cards made by the children at her church. Thank you so much for this kind act.
It will surely make the Ukrainian families within our community happy!
We are very grateful!


UPDATE - 10 April 2022 📣📣: We are thankful for all the trust and support that we received these past few weeks. Everyone’s trust and faith help us reach more people from Ukraine and give assistance every day.

Our entire team is thankful for your kind review and feedback on our rolling pins. Most of the pins are crafted and packed by our new Ukrainian members too.

We are continuously working toward our goal to help with clothes, food, hygiene, and medical supplies assistance.

Make an order to HELP our Ukrainian friends.

UPDATE - 28 March 2022 📣📣: Today, we celebrate Lena's birthday (Karolina's daughter) with our Ukrainian friends 🇺🇦🙏❤️. They are starting to live a normal life here in Poland.

UPDATE - 17 March 2022 📣📣: Today, we are thankful to update you that we are able to hire more Ukrainian friends in our workshop. after Natalia, We are happy to welcome Maria to our Pastrymade family. She is one of the families that Karolina’s family was able to accommodate.

Our hero, Mira, who assists a lot of people is on the left. We are grateful to have her on our team❤️.

UPDATE - 08 March 2022 📣📣: As we remember today’s Women’s day, our goal is, women helping other women to stand up and fight.

Pastrymade family will continue to help as much as we can with food and clothes.

UPDATE - 05 March 2022 📣📣: We also have an update with Mira, our Ukrainian colleague. She has helped and found accommodation for over 50 people and doing her best to assist them.

UPDATE - 03 March 2022 📣📣: Thanks to your support, we were able to financially support those in need. We bought the daily necessities, hygiene kit, clothes, food.
We also have given a job to Natalia from Ukraine 🇺🇦

UPDATE - 01 March 2022 📣📣: We start  receiving families from Ukraine 🇺🇦🙏❤️, Thank you for ordering and give them chance to work and living normal life.


Make an order to HELP our Ukrainian friends.

We receive requests to create a GofundMe, though we are thankful, we decided not to create one because our goal is not to take money directly from our customers.

Pastrymade's goal is to help our Ukrainian friends to have a chance to live a normal life.

You can also help us by sharing this post with your family and friends.

THANK YOU for ordering and giving your support with our action!

I hope and wish peace for everyone. #NotoWar #Ukraine.

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Berenda Cason-Brown calendar_today

I live in Louisiana USA I am 83 And live in a large comfortable house which i would love to share with two adult 30+ individuals or couple no children no pets . i will share my vehicle if needed there is a Med- school near by Museum and gardens and art gallery and shopping and a park in the next block There seems to be employment many restaurants

Ana-Maria Edwards calendar_today

Hello from California USA, and thank you for my three beautiful rolling pins!! They are truly a work of art and I will be ordering a lot more.
The recipe book is fantastic,, I am really enjoying these and supporting Ukraine with you. Great quality for a great cause. Sending love your way and praying for Ukraine 🌻🙏

Jeanne Wilson calendar_today

Mine came yesterday. It’s beautiful. My husband asked about it so I shared your story about helping Ukraine.
His reply, “cool”.
I’m about to get out my kitchen scales to convert to metric weight instead of US cups. 😃

Anne Uruburu calendar_today

The rolling pins arrived yesterday. Lovely! I was happy to support Ukraine AND get these cookie decorators. UNFORTUNATELY the day I ordered the rolling pins, I got a Russian virus which jammed my computer. Fifteen people got access to my computer before I could get repaired. What is WRONG in this world of ours?!??!

Becky Clark calendar_today

These rolling pins are absolutely beautiful and very good quality. There are so many designs it’s hard to decide which one or ones to get. So, order them all. Love them!

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