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The Sweet Poison We're Feeding Our Children

The Sweet Poison We're Feeding Our Children

My name is Karolina,  As a mom to two amazing kids, ensuring they enjoy delicious yet healthy snacks has always been my mission.

Like most kids, mine loved sugary treats. Initially, I saw no harm in indulging their sweet cravings occasionally. However, I became increasingly concerned when I noticed a same troubling ingredient (HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP) in the snacks they were eating.


From Sweet Treats 🍭🍬 to Bitter Truths 😵‍💫

This ingredient, hidden behind its scientific name, is a staple in the snack industry, not for its nutritional value but for its cost-effectiveness.

My quest for knowledge led me to uncover some unsettling truths. The more I researched, the more alarmed I became.

What I found was not just an ingredient but a widespread health risk, cleverly disguised and marketed to appeal to our children.


Why HFCS Is Bad News ❌ for Our Kids 👶 Health?

HFCS isn't just another form of sugar. It's a cheap, industrial by product loaded with health risks 😡. Unlike natural sugar!


Pastrymade Cracks the Code to Kid-Approved, Sugar-Free Snacking 🗝️🍪

Knowing the dangers, I faced a dilemma. How could I deny my children the pleasure of snacks (beautiful patterns) when they see their peers enjoying them?

At Pastrymade we found a fun way to make healthy snacks kids want to eat. Our rolling pins transform the dreaded bland-looking cookies into a canvas of joy.

From lively animal patterns to festive motifs, we have a treasure trove of hundreds of designs for you to choose from.

It's a win-win! Kids get a fun, wonderful-looking snack, and parents get the peace of mind they rightfully deserve.


Final Reflections

Our journey is a call to action for parents everywhere. By sharing our story, I hope to inspire others to look beyond the packaging and challenge the status quo. Together, we can reclaim our health and empower our families to make informed food choices.

Choose health, choose homemade, choose our rolling pins.


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