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My son challenged me to create AWESOME COOKIES!

My son challenged me to create AWESOME COOKIES! - Pastrymade US

My son challenged me to a baking challenge with a twist!

"My baking challenge with my son made me buy a tool I never thought I would need!"

My son decided to join the trend and challenge me to do something new! So we did a baking challenge with a twist! It has to be a unique take on pastries! 

Knowing that I love being competitive yet like having fun, I accepted it! 

I decided to create unique and delicious COOKIES🍪! Since he absolutely loves them and sure plus points for cookies!

It is time to make my cookie-making skills to the test.😬🙄

But first, I need to think about how to make them unique and personal. 

I looked for baking tools that I can use to add that WOW FACTOR😲😮. 

I tried using custom cookie cutters, they look nice but I think they are simple😫😞. I want something that shouts Personal and Special🧐!

I decided to check social media and groups if there is a tool that would catch my eye. I asked groups on Facebook too and it all sums up to one business which is PastryMade!

I saw comments that recommend checking their page and website so I visited their website and it is exactly what I was looking for!

They have a unique take on rolling pins, which I have never seen before! Rolling Pins with engraved patterns! 🤔🤯

I read the reviews on their website and they are overwhelmingly positive! They also have Trustpilot which is reviewed by their customers and real people! It is always 5 stars!

They have a warm community of happy bakers that love their pins!

I am amazed that they are also featured on websites like Buzzfeed, Huffpost, etc. 

This must be it! 👍👏

I decided to try this small and humble Poland-based family business 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 and made my order with Cats and Sheep pins because they are his favorites😉. 

They informed me through email that the pins are crafted and dried but they are shipped immediately!

I received them without any issues and I am satisfied, I checked the instructions and I oil them before use. 

The next day, I tried their recipe using the embossed pin and they turned out perfect! I am extremely happy with the results. 

I could taste the victory of this Baking Challenge and I was right. He loves it! 😘😋

I am glad to discover Pastrymade Pins! The Baking Tool I thought I would never buy!

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