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Helping in our own way, THANK YOU.

Helping in our own way, THANK YOU.



Earlier this year, during the height of the conflict😢, two of our team members, Mira, and his brother are deeply affected by the situation😟. They are Ukrainians that worked with us for the past three years.

(Important: this picture take it last Christmas)

They have to go back to Ukraine to get their parent and Mira’s brother is enlisted to participate in their battle to defend their country.

As a team made up of Polish and Ukrainian communities, we believe that we must act to help in our own way💪.


1. “As a team and community, Pastrymade sales provide assistance with food, clothes, hygiene kits, medical supplies, etc.”

We are able to provide help and assistance to Mira’s brother who is currently at the frontline and protecting Ukraine💛💙. He is grateful for all the support they receive and share the supplies with the other squads in need. 


2. “We are able to welcome three lovely Ukrainian women to our team, Natalia, Maria, and Julia.

As a family business owner, I decided to help by hiring them for our workshop. Through this, it will give them a chance to work and have a glimpse of a normal life.

Maria’s family is one of the families that Karolina’s family was able to accommodate.

Right now, they are adjusting to their life and they appreciate that they are currently working with the pins that help them during difficult times.

3. “Making the Stand with Ukraine Rolling Pin, another way to raise our voice.”

As requested by our supporters and customers, We have decided to create a (LIMITED EDITION) Sunflower Design pin with crafted handles "Stand With UKRAINE"

The sales of all rolling pins (not only "Stand with UKRAINE") on our website store were used for more food, kits and medical supplies.

Our action depends on you, We can do more if we got orders from our business.


4. “Provide warm accommodations and assistance in finding one.

We are able to receive families from Ukraine and help them with finding accommodations. 

Mira was also our hero during the time, she provide assistance to look for accommodations for over 50 people and did her best to guide them.

Our action depends on you, We can do more if we got orders from our business.

5. “Overwhelming Support from the Pastrymade Community.

Thank you so much to our lovely customer, Kathryn, and to all the children within her community from the UK!

We have received her package with cuddly toys and personalized cards made by the children at her church. Thank you so much for this kind act❤️. It will surely make the Ukrainian families within our community happy!


6. “Kind Messages and Comments we received from PastryMade customers.

Our entire team is thankful for your kind review and feedback on our rolling pins. Everyone’s trust and faith help us reach more people from Ukraine and give assistance every day.

7. “Our next step is assisting our Ukrainian friends with rebuilding their community.

Our action depends on you, We can do more if we got orders from our business.

We receive requests to create a GofundMe, though we are thankful, we decided not to create one because our goal is not to take money directly from our customers.

Pastrymade's goal is to help our Ukrainian friends to have a chance to live a normal life.

You can also help us by sharing this post with your family and friends.

THANK YOU for ordering and giving your support with our action!

I hope and wish peace for everyone. #NotoWar #Ukraine.

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Sharon Schubitzke calendar_today

I am of Polish ancestry, so was intrigued with your site. Especially that you support the Ukrainian. I ordered for gifts and one for myself. Sent 2 child pins and one adult to my daughter in law to use with my great grand kids. They come so fast it surprised me. There is now a video on Instagram of my great granddaughter thanking me and showing the cookies she made with her grandmother. There was no problem with making the cookies as they followed the directions in the recipe book. I will send more to them and as gifts to others. Awesome gift for the bakers in the family. Thank you so much Pastrymade.

Carol Herrera calendar_today

Thank you for using your business to offer support to Ukrainians in their time of need. The rolling pins are lovely and I appreciate you’re offering them as gifts to people who want to support you and Ukrainians.

Jean Austin Ferro calendar_today

Mine came yesterday and they are beautiful. Can’t wait to bake some cookies. God bless you and I thank you for all you are doing to help the people of Ukraine.

Sharron Williams calendar_today

I just ordered two more, the Ukraine sunflower and the spirals. I already have the garden of paradise, leaves, tropical leaves, and the bees. I love them all! Thank you for helping in such a just cause!

Caroline J Spence calendar_today

I am of Ukrainian decent, and I pray for the Ukrainian soldiers every night. My grandparents emigrated to Canada, from the Ukraine and I must still have relatives there. People I have never met and may never meet, but I still feel a strong connection. Thank you for supporting the Ukrainian people and sending our order out so fast. (We received our order last week. )
We live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Where Canada’s largest Ukrainian community in all of Canada live.
We are now receiving even more people from the Ukraine, I wish it was under different circumstances.
May God protect
the people of Ukraine, and make this unjust war end soon.

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