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    Trick or Treat? Just Treats with PastryMade Halloween Collection!

    Trick or Treat? Just Treats with PastryMade Halloween Collection!

    Trick-or-treating is an exciting Halloween ritual custom for children and even adults alike in many countries. It is the kid's favorite part of Halloween!

    Spice up the tradition and add a little twist with PastryMade Halloween Collection.

    PUMPKIN ROLLING PIN - There is Jack-O-Lantern in every treats!

     SKULLS ROLLING PIN - For a pinch of darkness in your cookie

    GHOST ROLLING PIN - Haunted by Casper's Friends on each cookie

    HALLOWEEN ROLLING PIN - A classic touch of the Trick or Treat 

    WITCH CAT ROLLING PIN - Include the creature of night's feline friend on your cookies

    PEEK-A-BOO ROLLING PIN - Play the Hide and Seek with the Halloween friends

    SPOOKY ROLLING PIN - Make treats with a twist of fear and unease

    TRICK OR TREAT ROLLING PIN - Can't decide? Halloween combined into one pin

    BAT ROLLING PIN - The Guardian of the Night in a pin

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    Original Embossed Rolling Pin, Handmade in Poland.


    Buy an Embossed Rolling Pin, Plant a Tree.


    Our patterns are engraved deep into the wood for maximum effectiveness.