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The One Kitchen Gadget You Didn’t Know You Needed This Year

The One Kitchen Gadget You Didn’t Know You Needed This Year - Pastrymade US

Once you see the amazing things a PastryMade™ embossed rolling pin can do, you'll wonder how you don't have one already!

For special cutout cookies or other baked goods, look no further than a PastryMade embossed rolling pin. It’s a rolling pin that’s been engraved with a texture or pattern. When you use it to roll out dough, the pattern imprints right onto whatever you’re rolling out. So easy!

How it works

You roll sugar cookie dough (or other dough) flat with a regular rolling pin. Once you have an even surface to work with, firmly push your embossed rolling pin over the dough. You’ll end up with gorgeous designs for Christmas or a paisley pattern. Just cut out your cookies like you normally would, and every one will have an edge-to-edge pattern.

It could be a simple flower pattern like this, which would certainly make for some lovely homemade cookies. Baking for a Dogs lovers? You can whip up a batch of dogs-patterned treats.

What can you use it for?

This is a gadget that bakers will find surprisingly useful. You can use an embossed rolling pin for Christmas cookies and other cutouts, as well as:

  • Pastry Crusts: To create a perfectly textured crust, emboss the top of a double-crust pie. 
  • Pasta: You can emboss homemade noodles.
  • Fondant: Like dough, you can roll out pre-packaged or homemade fondant with a regular rolling pin and then add your embossed pattern.
  • Modeling Clay: You can use an embossed rolling pin for craft projects, too. For example, this homemade play dough would be fun to emboss. Just be sure to wash the rolling pin thoroughly before baking with it again!


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